Frequently ASKED Questions.

Hopefully all the technical questions about uploading files should be covered here.
If you are still having problems after reading this FAQ section then please email Robert.

1. What format and size should the images be?
The image files should be in JPG format. All files should be less than 200k bytes.
The size should be limited to about 600 pixels for longest dimension.
Use your photo editing program to do this. Use the resize option and drop the quality a little when you save them.

2. What is the best way to take a digital picture of my painting?
The best way is to take the picture using natural light, without a flash take the picture with the camera level with the centre of the picture and at right angles.

3. How do I upload the files.
All images are uploaded to a private Gallery on Robert Wilson's online gallery. The images can only be seen or modified by yourself or Robert.

To upload your images , first check their size if the file size is less then 200k and the image size is less then 600 pixels in the longest dimension then you are ready to upload.
Click on the
upload link on the students page. - this will display your on-line gallery.
Click on the
@ tab at the top of the page, this will display the login command.
Click on the
login and enter your username and password which you received when you registered. Login.
Click on the
continue button and you will be taken to the student gallery page.
Click on the
@ tab - this will display the upload file option
Select Choose file - this will allow you to select a file from your own PC. Find the file on you PC and then select choose.
Add an image title and comments in the text boxes provided and, then select
upload file.
This will upload the file from your PC. It may take several minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.
When the file have been upload, the screen will display your image and you can edit the the description if you like.

To see the images in your gallery click on
your Gallery in the students gallery, then select your album , (you will only have one album at this stage).
then click on the image in the album to see the image. Click on it again to display a bigger image.

Send Robert a message to Robert Wilson to let him know there is an image waiting for him. Use the notify link on the students page.